Soundtrack 'How To Train Your Dragon' GREEN SPLATTER DOUBLE VINYL

Soundtrack 'How To Train Your Dragon' GREEN SPLATTER DOUBLE VINYL

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How To Train Your Dragon - Music From The Motion Picture By John Powell 2xLP Vinyl Record (2021 Record Store Day Exclusive “Dragon Eye” Green With Multi Colour Splatter Coloured Vinyl)

More than ten years since the film's release, John Powell’s score to DreamWorks’ 2010 animated film “How to Train Your Dragon” remains just as exciting, evocative and entrancing as ever. One of the most popular in entire the Varese catalog, this soundtrack also features the stellar track "Sticks and Stones" from Jonsi of Sigur Ros.

The award winning film "How To Train Your Dragon” follows the emotional story of a hapless young Viking who aspires to hunt dragons, and who becomes the unlikely friend of a young dragon himself. Here, he learns there may be more to the creatures than he assumed. An undeniable classic, this soundtrack is a must have for fans of "How To Train Your Dragon”.

Pressed on Green With Multi Colour Splatter Vinyl. All tracks by John Powell unless otherwise stated.



Side A:


  1. This Is Berk
  2. Dragon Battle
  3. The Downed Dragon
  4. Dragon Training
  5. Wounded
  6. The Dragon Book
  7. Focus, Hiccup!

 Side B: 

  1. Forbidden Friendship
  2. New Tail
  3. See You Tomorrow
  4. Test Drive
  5. Not So Fireproof
  6. This Time For Sure
  7. Astrid Goes For A Spin
  8. Romantic Flight

Side C: 

  1. Dragon’s Den
  2. The Cove
  3. The Kill Ring
  4. Ready The Ships
  5. Battling The Green Death

Side D: 

  1. Counter Attack
  2. Where's Hiccup?
  3. Coming Back Around
  4. Sticks & Stones - Jónsi
  5. The Vikings Have Their Tea