Hugo Basclain 'Nostalgia Is A Liar' WHITE VINYL

Hugo Basclain 'Nostalgia Is A Liar' WHITE VINYL

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Hugo Basclain - 'NOSTALGIA IS A LIAR' is the debut EP from Sydney born Hugo Basclain, with an emotional authenticity and musical talent beyond his years, Hugo Basclain wants his fans to know him for who he truly is, building a community around his versatile and fresh pop sound. - What you see is what you get. Inviting the heartbreak club into his world.

“It’s a compilation of stories that I feel have impacted me, and shaped me as a person and as an artist. It’s mainly centered around one heavy break up + some pretty essential parts of my life that have shaped who I am today.”




  1. One Step
  2. Gimme That
  3. Blue Skies


  1. 190
  2. Sober
  3. Drunk
  4. Right Now