Lime Cordiale 'Enough Of The Sweet Talk' VINYL

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After much anticipation, Lime Cordiale today announce the release of their upcoming third album 'Enough Of The Sweet Talk'!

Hitting streets, 'Enough Of The Sweet Talk' is structured as though it’s taking us through the course of a relationship in chronological order. The innocent early days, the learning, the love, the doubt, the conflict and the realisation of loss.

Coming together in parts around the world and over years, the album will feature already released singles ‘The Big Reveal; Ou L'Hypocrite’, ‘Pedestal’, ‘Imposter Syndrome’, ‘Colin’, ‘Country Club’, and ‘Facts Of Life’ as well as another 6 tracks.

140 gram black Vinyl, 12" Vinyl Album, Low Carbon PVC Compound

This compound reduces the Co2 output of vinyl record compound by 92.5%, compared to the standard available compounds on the market. This is achieved by improvements in the manufacturing processes for compounds which reduce energy and water usage, new stabilisers that do not use metals of any kind, bio based lubricants, and the replacing of some fossil fuel raw materials with bio based materials in the base compound.