The Hard-Ons 'Yummy' COLOURED VINYL

The Hard-Ons 'Yummy' COLOURED VINYL

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Re-issue of this 1990 Aus-punk classic from the Hard-Ons! On limited edition colour vinyl!

1. Where Did She Come From?
2. Raining
3. Dull
4. Cool Hand Luke
5. Something I Don't Want to Do
6. Sit Beside You
7. Jaye's Song
8. On and On
9. Ain't Gonna Let You Go
10. Me or You
11. Spew
12. Fade Away
13. Little Miss Evil
14. Wait Around
15. Feast on Flesh
16. Stairway to Heaven

Many a fan's favourite Hard-Ons album and the one that includes the evergreen “Where Did She Come From?”, 1990's “Yummy!” was also the band's most commercially successful, until the release last year of “I'm Sorry Sir, That Riff's Been Taken”. And while the new decade saw the band pushing to new extremes - they were becoming punkier, poppier and more metal all at the same time, becoming leaders in a range of different styles that would become hugely successful types of alternative music, from pop-punk, to hardcore, to thrash, as the decade progressed - “Yummy!” was their pop opus. At heart though, of course, they were still the boys from Punchbowl, and the album maintained their uniquely Australian outsider appeal.

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