Toto 'Live In Tokyo 1980' RED VINYL

Toto 'Live In Tokyo 1980' RED VINYL

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Toto’s well-honed musical craftsmanship helped sell more than 40 million albums in their four decades together.

In 1980, the band embarked on their first tour of Japan, forming a lifelong bond with fans in that country who adored their polished West Coast rock style.

For the first time as a standalone release, the Live In Tokyo 1980 EP captures the original line-up of the band – vocalist Bobby Kimball, guitarist Steve Lukather, keyboardists David Paich and Steve Porcaro, bassist David Hungate and drummer Jeff Porcaro – performing four tracks from their then-new sophomore album Hydra (plus the unreleased track “Runaway”) during that historic trek.

On red vinyl for Record Store Day 2020. 

Limited to 2750 copies.