Various 'The Power of the Heart: A Tribute to Lou Reed' SILVER VINYL

Various 'The Power of the Heart: A Tribute to Lou Reed' SILVER VINYL

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A tribute to one of the greatest songwriters & artists of our time

Features newly recorded covers from Keith Richards, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Rufus Wainwright, Lucinda Williams, Maxim Ludwig & Angel Olsen, Rickie Lee Jones, Mary Gauthier, Bobby Rush, Automatic, The Afghan Whigs, and Rosanne Cash

Special Record Store Day Edition pressed on Silver Nugget wax and housed in a silver laminated jacket. Booklet features liner notes by compilation producer & former Lou Reed publicist Bill Bentley, featuring photos by Mick Rock and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

"To me, Lou stood out. The real deal! Something important to American music and to ALL MUSIC! I miss him and his dog." - Keith Richards

“Lou seemed fearless to me, like he’d rather die than be a people-pleaser. I took inspiration from that.” - Rosanne Cash

“Lou Reed is my earliest influence, my introduction to punk rock, and the soundtrack to the beginning of my romance with Maxim.” - Angel Olsen

"Lou Reed has been gone now for many years. He's one of the few people whom I miss as much now as when he left. There are so many instances where I wonder what he would say or what he would think. His general aura would always lend something really unique to the room. Thank God he left his great music and recordings. His personality is sorely missed. Love you, Lou." - Rufus Wainwright

It goes without saying that the legendary Lou Reed was a true rock ’n’ roll pioneer. From The Velvet Underground’s debut in 1967 all the way through the end of his days, Reed sang truth from his heart. He lived life to the limit—and then some. The Power of the Heart is a tribute to Reed’s freedom of expression with covers spanning his ground-breaking years with the Velvets into his majestic solo career. Each track is a glorious extension of the Rock ’n’ Roll Animal’s soul, ever adventurous and avant-garde.

The Power of the Heart: A Tribute to Lou Reed kicks off with a legend in his own right, Keith Richards, reimagining the Velvets’ classic, “I’m Waiting for the Man.” Richards’ rendition instantly invites you on board this unforgettable ride. In stark contrast, “Perfect Day” is somehow even more melancholy than the original given the Rufus Wainwright treatment, featuring sparse fingerpicking and gentle harmonies. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts deliver a version of “I'm So Free” that would have even Lou rockin’ in his grave. It’s thrilling to hear these songs reinterpreted and sung by such heavyweights; you can even hear as Lucinda Williams channels the spirit of Lou with her take on “Legendary Hearts.”

Other notable tracks include a punk-drunk, loved-up duet by real-life lovers Angel Olsen & Maxim Ludwig with “I Can’t Stand It,” and Rickie Lee Jones’ reimagining of “Walk on the Wild Side,” both whimsical and enticing with her whispery vocals, stripped-down percussion, and a piano fit for a late-night lounge. This tribute album truly defies genre, but its throughline, in the end, is its heart: a deeply thoughtful collection of songs that shaped a generation, each paying homage to a man whose body of work still sings.

A1 Keith Richards - I'm Waiting for the Man
A2 Maxim Ludwig & Angel Olsen - I Can't Stand It
A3 Rufus Wainwright - Perfect Day
A4 Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - I'm So Free
A5 Bobby Rush - Sally Can't Dance
A6 Rickie Lee Jones - Walk on the Wild Side
B1 The Afghan Whigs - I Love You, Suzanne
B2 Mary Gauthier - Coney Island Baby
B3 Lucinda Williams - Legendary Hearts
B4 Automatic - New Sensations
B5 Rosanne Cash - Magician